Bread-Shaped Recliner Chair LS7 Series - Smartsoftstore
Bread-Shaped Recliner Chair LS7 Series - Smartsoftstore
Bread-Shaped Recliner Chair LS7 Series - Smartsoftstore

Bread-Shaped Recliner Chair LS7 Series

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  • Eight points massage heating: this single sofa recliner comes with eight massage points and heating function, whether sitting, lying can provide you with comfortable muscle relaxation and massage, sofa chair on both sides of the sewn items pocket, easy to place and pick up things at hand
  • Manual operation mode. When the sofa is not unfolded, you can unfold the footrest by toggling the switch on the side, then put your hand on the armrest of the recliner, combined with pushing the arm forward to make the backrest more tilted to facilitate the unfolding of the recliner, this recliner requires the use of body weight to maintain a flat lying weight, not suitable for the elderly and sick people who are not easy to move

Soft backrest cushion: PU leather sofa backrest like fluffy soft bread, giving your back a gentle support, the same fluffy armrests will give your arms to find a comfortable position. The ergonomic design can relax your body wholeheartedly

  • Recliner size: 22.5 inches wide x 28 inches deep x 39 inches high, footrest height: 18 inches, seat size: 20 inches wide x 21 inches deep, 63 inches long when fully reclined  Recliner weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • After receiving the recliner, the cushion will be in a compressed state. Please do not worry! This is the normal state of vacuum compression packaging, to restore the backrest to its full state, you can also take a pat, pull flatten the fabric and with the hot air of a hair dryer remove folds

Massage sofa recliner can be used in the family game room, study, living room and other places you want to place, the recliner has eight-point massage function, can relieve the back of the back pain, relax your body